Certified measurement

If all measurement conditions are met, the certified measurement allows to apply results of this measurement as conclusive findings about the quality of the IAS at a fixed location (so-called fixed internet), if it is offered on the area of the Czech Republic. This finding can be applied in case you decide to activate remedies available in compliance with national legislation.

In case of any significant and continuous or regularly recurring discrepancy of actual service performance regarding its upload and download speed, from the performance the IAS provider stated in the contractual conditions, you can submit a claim to the provider against the quality of the service (QoS) provided.

An important parameter to assess the service performance in case of IAS at a fixed location is the contractual speed of actually achieved speed. It determinates whether there are any discrepancies.

Another important parameter is the contractual minimum speed. If the actually achieved minimum download or upload speed decreases under the advertised minimum speed for the given direction of data communication, the service is having an outage, i.e. it is not being provided. Also, in this case you have the right to submit a claim against the service.

Note, that the CTU-NetTest measurement tool can be used for advertised download speed values up to 500 Mb/s (incl.) and for upload speed values up to 250 Mb/s (incl.), given the general nature of accuracy of the measurement tools based on web-browser principles.

Conditions of the measurement

Before carrying out the certified measurement, please, read carefully and fully the conditions of the measurement in the guide. It also includes a checklist which can help you carry out the certified measurement. You can send your questions about the certified measurement to nettest@ctu.cz.

Please, pay attention especially to the following:

  • The certified measurement can be carried out by means of a web-browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) on your end device (i.e. desktop PC, laptop) only with an updated operation system and browser.
  • Your end device (desktop PC, laptop) used for carrying out the certified measurement must be always connected to Ethernet interface (ports RJ-45) of the terminal equipment device by means of fixed, i.e. metallic (min. Cat.5e) or fibre cable.
  • The performance of the end device as well as of the operation system may have a significant impact on the measured actual speed. To measure speeds higher than 100 Mb/s, it is recommended to use operation system utilising TCP CUBIC (Windows 10 and higher, MacOS X Yosemite and higher, Linux kernel 2.6.19 and higher).
  • The CTU-NetTest measurement tool can be used for certified measurement of IAS quality for advertised speed values below or equal to 500 Mb/s (download) and 250 Mb/s (upload), given the general nature of accuracy of the measurement tools based on web-browser principles.
  • Do not use your device for any other applications during the whole certified measurement process.
  • Before starting the measurement cycle, make sure that no other users utilise the IAS (e.g. family members on their smart terminal equipment devices, mobile phones, tablets, TV, etc.).

The certified measurement process

The certified measurement is a cycle composed of 6 time-diversified tests carried out during a period of one calendar month. A measuring cycle takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. Within the test, individual measurements are carried out automatically, having duration of 10 seconds for each direction of data communication (download and upload). The time spacing between individual tests is 15 minutes.

Please, send your questions about the certified measurement to nettest@ctu.cz .